Neolab LLC is a USA based company that specializes in the supply of laboratory equipment and furniture in the field of petroleum, gas and biology, providing assistance and partnering with both public and private entities in the sector.

First established in 2009, Neolab LLC was set up to be a prime distributor of Laboratory instruments of the highest quality world-wide.

For 10 years now, Neolab LLC has successfully distributed and installed a number of laboratory instruments as well as partnered on different projects with several companies in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Our team consists of highly trained personnel with years of experience in the chemical, biological and engineering sector, perfectly suited to best understand the requirements of the clients and to provide the most suitable equipment.

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As a distributor Neolab LLC has exclusive selling rights from the world’s leading Manufacturers and supplies:
Lab equipment for quality control of oil refining, gas processing, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food based industries;
Lab equipment for the forensic investigation of materials, substances and products;
Lab equipment for the analysis of core and fluids (PVT);
Individual analyzers for scientific research and routine analysis;
Fully equipped stationary and mobile laboratory for quality control of commercial fuels and environmental factors (air, water and soil);
Neolab LLC directly cooperates with the leading international Manufacturers lab equipment
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